Dichotomy (poem circa AD. 2000 at age 20) of a visioned love yet to be

Jenny Lane
2 min readMay 31

He's warm

He's cold

He’s hot

He's mine

belongingness of satisfaction

contention of content

he's black

he's white

he's mine

I'm bathwater

I'm his

Euphoric early morning moonrises waves of wonder

I'm grey

I'm his

he's rough

he’s soft

he's sharp

he's mine

Passion of pretension

rage of love

He's past

He's future

He’s Now

He's mine

I'm cyclical

I'm his

Lustful late midnight sunrises

beginnings of being

I'm now

I'm his

Diometric differences change not the day for night

this doesn't mean that the Sun

never sees the Moon


the Moon never puts the Sun away

we are us

he is mine

and I am his

we are We


With radical love from 2000 and 2023,

Jenny Lane



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Jenny Lane

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