Sea of Awakening photo and art by Author Jenny Lane and Aiartist in Dream 💕

Floating in the Sea of Awakening

Jenny Lane
2 min readNov 30, 2023


Go ahead and try to sink into the Dead Sea with me

Go ahead and try, grains of salt will tell you otherwise

Go ahead and float with me above the hate

I dare you to go ahead and let go and be free

Free of book written words, of long ago prophets

Free to believe what you need to believe

Free to float, free to ground

Free to believe we all deserve love

Free to be sans yours or mine without time

Free in our shared humanity

Free in our shared family

Even all those books tell us, brothers of Abraham

Yet, I still ask where are the sisters?

Why were they left from the stories?

Maybe they were floating in the Dead Sea in their aliveness thinking about peace?

As we, sisters and brothers of peace, do —

Now it’s time we all float above this, and taste the salty goodness of the all of life!

Treating everyone

as the daughters

and sons

of god

Even if you don’t believe,

we are nature then

We are a beautiful piece of the All,

Universal reverence

Leaves to the Cosmos Tree being

Go ahead and be walking Earth, in kindness and compassion

It’s time we all start recognizing our shared divinity

Namaste, my dear Earthlings (And also whomever may be reading )

: )

If you’re looking for me, I’m floating awake in the Dead Sea, shining bright and salty

Renaming it, in mind

to the Sea of Awakening.

With radical love,

Jenny Lane


Me, just being messy me, last night after floating in the Sea. Cause who else am I gonna be? :) Free to be
photo by Author Jenny Lane 💕 radical love to you 💕



Jenny Lane

An overthinking human who writes to make room in her mind and peace in our hearts. Art and words are my love letters to the world.