Friggin English: No Need To Be Right, Just Write!

Verb: to superman and my challenges with reading/writing

Jenny Lane
12 min readSep 10, 2022
change the English Language, nah just get heartwriters writing! Photo by Valentina Conde on Unsplash

Grammar Rules, uggh. I know, I know we need to follow some rules. But sometimes rules need to be broken, sometimes language needs to flow with the evolution of new people.

Change is constant. And the sooner you learn that one, the better off you’ll be. English and every language, changes with every generation, even writing changes and formatting of writing changes. Even how we read!

And English is no exception to change.

This title may get some in a tizzy, but what’s most important to me in writing, is just writing — On sticky notes, on your hand, on the back of receipts, in notebooks, in the fog on the window, on the back of a dirty car! Get the thought down in written word form.

Sometimes we let the structure of the language become a barbed wire fence to the free meadow of flowing words.

When I say “no need to be right” — I mean throw away the rules when the muse starts a’flowing.

The muse ain’t about rules.

She doesn’t care about punctuation, she doesn’t care about spelling. The muse just needs you to write, to channel whatever creativity is coming from whatever place.



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