Infinity Healing

Jenny Lane
1 min readMay 30, 2023
Photo by Author Jenny Lane

If I had the ability to heal your wounds with words —

I’d start with an S, trace it along your skin.

Speak its long breathe,

and add one more connection to make it infinity.


With radical love,

Jenny Lane



Note about authors who personally narrate here on Medium: As of now, our human narrations are NOT calculated into our read time earnings. (Ai narration listening is, human narrations bypass any earnings) So if you listen, it would be a great help to us if you could also scroll through/read along. Thank you for listening!

Dear Tony Stubblebine,

Could we please make human narrations a priority here on Medium in the year of peace, 2023? It would be a wonderful gift for us. Hearing the human heart behind the words brings all of our hearts closer together in humanity. And good gracious do we need this. ❤



Jenny Lane

An overthinking human who writes to make room in her mind and peace in our hearts. Art and words are my love letters to the world.