Peace/War\Care Now Because You See Yourself?

Jenny Lane
6 min readMar 13, 2022
Photo by Candice Seplow on Unsplash

This one has some words that might get some hackles up. Yet, I can’t put off writing about this because it’s necessary to look at all the pieces of ourselves, not just the parts we want to show others.

Will you continue to read if you know this is about peace and why you care more about this war?

If it has you thinking about peace and not war, has you answering uncomfortable questions about yourself. I’ll ruffle feathers.

Yesterday, I looked up war and it’s pages were endless.

Everyone is writing about this war. But why this war?

Why now are their sorrows written from the hearts of people?

Yesterday, I looked up peace. And it’s pages were few. Peace does not elicit fear.

Writing about peace gets less views. Writing about solutions we have in philosophies and ideas for humanity for peace doesn’t garner attention.

All war makes a tidy profit at the expense of our humanity.

There’s fewer people writing about peace. This is what I read though, about peace. When we’ve been knee deep in war my whole life, I’ve doubled down on peace. In how we can find peace in ourselves, peace in our homes, peace in our cities, in our countries, in our world.

Reading and watching and listening on a constant fear loop will not bring us to any peace, in ourselves, or in our countries. It does the exact opposite and it makes some disgustingly rich in you doing so.

Search for your own information about the many atrocities happening on our Earth and give it a time limit. Be informed but switch off.

Then google peace. Type in peace in all your search bars.

We need peace to be picked up as an algorithm on this world wide web and in our…

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